I love you. Really, generic this website is all about you. Had I been able, physician I would have named this website after you and then it would have been www.<your first name><your last name>.com. Alas, cure registering all of your names was cost prohibitive even with the regular discounts for GoDaddy I find in my inbox. Instead, the website is named after me, www.brianwittenbrook.com. And, if it seems that this site is really about me, just remember that I love you.


Sometimes I make stuff and post it here. I enjoy the stuff that I put here. Chances are that someone somewhere might like some of this stuff sometime. I hope you like my stuff. Maybe you have some stuff someplace that I might enjoy? Click one of those boxes to the right, or a menu option above. You know how this works. Or if this is your first time visiting a website, then gob bless you.

We live in an age of wonders where we can post any idea or whim for all of the world to see. God, I would have loved this site 20 or 30 years ago. When I was younger, I would have loved to be able to post all my ideas. People would have (at best) recognized my genius, or (at worst) saw where-I-was-coming-from. Sometime between then and now that the tools are readily available, I’ve learned:

  • I have less appetite for posting all my thoughts and notions.
  • Ideas are cheap
  • Execution is important.
  • The world is really big.
  • If you want to share what you’ve made you have to hustle, hustle, hustle.

I make stuff, because I’m compelled to. I make stuff, because I’m restless. At one time I wanted to be paid for my stories. I wanted to be famous. I went to Hollywood in my early 20’s. I had good ideas, but nether execution or hustle, and I failed wonderfully. Now? Do I want my stories, novels, video spread through the mass culture and make tons of money. Sure. I guess. Why not?


But then again, I’m doing pretty well now. I’ve got a good job that I like more often that I do not. It’s not exactly public service, but I indirectly have an affect on a lot of people. I make more money than most working novelists, actors, and independent filmmakers. I’ve got friends and family. I have the means to entertain myself really well.

I teeter on the edge between complacency and restlessness – not sure on which side I will fall. The suspense is killing me.

Why is there a Brian Wittenbrook song?:

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