Shadows and Falls

Seth jumped off a cliff at Kruse Springs last weekend. It took a while. He sat at the edge for several minutes daring himself to do it. But he did it. I never would have done that at his age and I have no intention of doing it now. Rationally I think there is a very low probability that I would get injured, view but I don’t like falling.

He is much braver than I was. Yet, Seth is still afraid of the dark. Nothing wrong in that. Life will eventually force him to deal with it and he will grow out of it. When I was young (maybe 7), I remember brushing my teeth. The bathroom was across the house from my the family room where my parent were that night. As I brushed my teeth I saw something rush behind me. I looked up, but nothing was there. A little later it rushed back. I ran in terror across the length of the house. My parents tried to sooth me, but shadows don’t shrink at parent’s words. They told me that sometimes the lights flicker in the mirror, or sometime like that. While I don’t believe that I actually saw was dangerous or unnatural, but also, looking back, I realize my parent’s explanation was utter nonsense.

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