Unexpected Boobs

The trouble is that unexpected boobs are popping up at work on the iPad in the gym while working out on the elliptical in the company gym leaving me fumbling to find the off button.

In both cases boobs were motivated by the story. In “The Comeback”, price a young, unhealthy attractive, pharm unselfconscious actress (Malin Ackerman) undresses making the neurotic had-been older actress (Lisa Kudrow) feel even more uncomfortable and insecure. In “Orphan Black,” Tatiana Maslany (or body double?) flashes side boob and a lot of butt, so her character, Sarah is trying to distract her doppelgänger’s boyfriend to keep him from realizing she is an impostor. The real motivation is more likely that these were both pilot episodes hoping that boobs and the promise of possibly more boobs would get repeat viewers. Pam and I have started watching Orphan Black (at home) and further boobs have not been seen.

At the gym at work, I started watching the HBO mini series, “John Adams,” thinking that Abigail Adams (Laura Linney) would probably not flash her boobs. So far she has not, but about 3/4 in an unruly Boston crowd angered by the Crown’s mandates strip a man naked, so now I’ve got penis flopping about on the iPad at the gym.

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