Folly at “The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf”

I’m frequently struck by how much I don’t have to say – or at least not post.

I’m in far south Austin. Seth’s robot team meets down here for 3 hours each Saturday. I’m glad he is going it, but the session are boring for me. The other parents seem decent enough, though much more serious than me. Today I retreated to the “The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf” a mile away.

I need to work on the Mean Mean Streets. My web series about a guy driving around and talking about how “mean’ the streets are. Though no one anywhere is exactly asking for it, I’m building out a series of 13 episode. I’ve gotten about 10 scripts which I previously considered ‘close-to-done’ but recently I’ve discovered a loose arc to the series, and I’m going back to rewrite. i understand this is the definition of pure folly, but I want it.

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