‘Tis but thy name that is my enemy – Part 2 : Lies and Manipulation

The name “Amanda Cross” (Warren’s lover) on the other hand, discount has two or three meanings, but in the story the name is not given to her by her parents. Amanda chose her name herself for her own reasons (real life influence)
Generally, when names have meaning it my story, it is because the name was chosen by the character. Amanda chose her name for personal reasons, but most of the time names were chosen by their owners to decieve or manipulate.

While several characters and group use pseudonyms to advance their agenda, the most obvious example is “Concerned Citizens for Freedom, Propensity, and Children.” This the name of a special interest group that is funded by a think tank who wants to manipulate public opinion to support their public policy agenda (see Astro Turfing and Front Organization). The name is deliberately over-the-top, but really is much different from all the “Concerned Citizens,” “experts,” and “spontaneous” grass-roots movements you see giving their opinions on CNN, on blogs, or in the letter to the editor section of the paper.

False names designed are central to my story which takes place in a world of false choices contructed by marketing and political manipulation.

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