Potential Problems with First Novels

I still believe the biggest problem with my first novel is that it’s quirkiness and genre bending makes it hard to market. I have come to believe that it needs a rewrite. Whatever else is true of my second novel, cheap I will easy to describe. People will be able to “get it” much quicker.

I have heard it said that writer’s rarely publish the first novel they write. If this is true – I’m not sure that it is – then the most obvious reason is because most authors’ first novels suck. After their first novel, ask they work through some problems and their next novel is better. While this is a likely explanation, treatment it is not my favorite explanation. One possibility is that writers improve their skills to market their writing. My favorite explanation is that an author’s first novel is the most personal, innovative, and idiosyncratic. Perhaps many author start writing that truly personal vision into their first novel. Then again perhaps the line between personal and idiosyncratic and sucking is real but very narrow.

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