My new video series “Mean Mean Streets” is coming soon. For now enjoy these videos I’ve picked out especially for you.

Austin: Lonely City

This one started when we were having dinner were having dinner with Sean and Carol. A comment by Sean got me riffing on “wanting a woman with no sense of smell.” I was working with Ashlee and Jess at the time to make video. We each wrote our own monologues. They are great here.

Gnome Source

Harry has a plan to get ahead in his career and save the company money, but first he will have to convince the CEO to work with magical woodland humanoids.

My son was the inspiration for this video. He was telling me that his character in a Dungeons and Dragons-type game was a “Gnome Sorcerer,” but I misheard and thought he said “Gnome Sourcer,” which, of course, would be someone who sourced gnomes for your business needs. I’m not happy with may part which we had to get largely in one take.

Mayan Calendar Exposed!

This was a quickie idea, a few years ago when all of that 2012 Mayan Calendar end of the world stuff was constantly in the media. I thought it would be fairly easy one to get me back into video. Of course production is always more complicated than expected. Jesse and Ashlee are game as always.

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