“Shhhh Listen, I have an idea. If you do not turn any pages, we will never get to the end of this book. And that is good, because there is a Monster at the end of this book. So please do not turn the page.”

- Jon Stone, The Monster at the End of this Book: Starring Lovable, Furry Old Grover

FAILUR is a darkly comic story about a couple of malcontent werewolves, Gordon and Amanda, whose lives haven’t gone as they have planned. They live in a world where vampires make deals in private clubs and werewolves sneak into support groups. Just a this moment, a serial killer terrorizes the city of New Sol in an attempt to fulfill an ancient doomsday prophecy. Maybe the world is ending or maybe it is all bullshit. Gordon and Amanda can only watch from TV and try to work themselves into the story.

I wrote FAILUR a few years ago. I’ve recently revised it. Some friends are reading it and I’m going to give it one more polish. I’ll post more here as I revise the pitch and progress to whatever happens with it next.

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