Short Fiction

I was thinking of you when I picked out these stories.

The Apology – A very short play about a dysfunctional couple with elaborate destructive tenancies.

Seth and the Half-Zhoot – A young boy with a lost sock makes a new friend (or half a friend). This story was fun to write, medicine but taught me that I should avoid rhyming and verse in my stories when at all possible.

Dimes – A semi-autobiographical thing about about my lackluster superpowers in the late nineties. It originally appeared in the second of the two issues of “Dana’s Child” that I released with Lynn Davies.

Rhyme Commemorating My Son Pausing his DVD to Get a Kleenex – Not actually fiction, but a super short poem about an actual event.

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  1. Leyla Cohlmia says:

    Brian is so creative. I really enjoy reading the way he writes. Journaling, fiction, it is all enjoyable.

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