True Stories

I though you would be interested in these:

  • The Gap between Feeling and Meaning – Fleeing Hollywood in the early 90s, I decided to become a psychologist and live like a hippie. I found odd jobs and good times with friends.
  • The Robert Redford of Russia and Me - In my early 20’s, I lived in West Hollywood off the Sunset Strip, across from a house that had been owned by Bogart and Bacall, and a block from the Director’s Guild where stretch limos dropped starlets onto red carpets. It was during a recession. I was largely unemployed, but I took odd jobs. One day I got a call from my roommate, that led to me going on a stakeout with the Robert Redford of Russia.
  • Unfamiliar Seasons - The summer of 2011 was one of the worse on record. It seems like everyone I know was dealing with sickness, divorce, or unemployment. We all had deal with heat and drought. In nearby Bastrop, thousands lost their homes. For my father, it was the beginning of the end. Unfamiliar Seasons is a memoir of death and rockets.
  • Killer Yellow Umbrellas and the Escape from Hollywood – A true story written for a friend’s birthday.
  • More stories coming soon.

I never was much good at recording my personal stories. I’d get tangled around and around in the details and lost trying to pin point the exact mood. Then a few years ago, something happened that I had to write. About the same time I was finally about to write about that, my friend, Carol, started a storytelling group.

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